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Insureon's Consultant Insurance Experts: Why Experience Matters

As a marketing or management consultant, you know the importance of understanding a business's inner workings. Often, you have to do this research before you can accurately assess what needs to be done to move your client in the right direction.

At insureon, we take a similar approach. We know that understanding a business is the key to properly insuring it. That's why our agents specialize in consultant insurance — so they already know the risks your business faces every day. It spares you the drudgery of trying to explain the intricacies of your work to an insurance company that doesn't have that background.

If that's not enough, here are some other reasons why working with insureon saves you time and money:

  • Time is on our side. We've been offering tailored small business insurance policies since 1997.
  • You can hop online any time. You can research and purchase coverage completely online. Or, you can always call one of our agents — whichever is more convenient.
  • Our agents have an eye for cutting costs. We employ experienced agents who exclusively write policies for small consulting businesses. That means your business only pays for what it needs.

If you need General Liability Insurance to secure a contract, Workers' Compensation Insurance in anticipation of expanding your business, or any other specialized consultant insurance products, insureon can help.

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Complete an online insurance application to get quotes from multiple top-tier carriers sent right to your inbox. As an insureon client, you have an agent available to answer your questions about coverage, pricing, and more — and not just when it's time to update your policies. Online or over the phone, we'll make sure your business gets the coverage it needs.

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